I came into the office on April 7th 2011 with my friend, who is also my boss. For the past 4 years we both had been trying one thing after another to lose weight. He had been told that this program was the answer, and I said that I would stick to it if it was.

I saw that this was another diet, that had good results, but the question in my mind was, “How good?” This has been a challenge and has been a learning experience to say the least. I am celebrating my 43rd birthday November 16, 2011 and what a gift that I’ve been given! I have not been at this weight in over 25 years.

The program has taught me a great deal, not only eating right, but that it feels good not to carry the weight. There are so many areas that this has really opened my eyes. You get accustomed to certain things, like folding your arms when sitting next to people, because you crowd them or even when you tie your shoes you feel the difference. I have been obese all my life and the fact that I recognize these things really changes my thoughts on daily living. The best part of this journey is the way you see yourself with others, such as your spouse or your kids. I get the opportunity to not just take up space in this life but live in the space I take.

This is not an easy journey but with the help of this program, the journey can be accomplished. Dr. Bentz and the staff have been great! Thanks guys! Many thanks to James for doing this for me and I hope that his journey can be accomplished!


*Individual results may vary. Seek medical advice before starting any weight loss program. Contact Tucson Medical Weight Loss to make sure this is the right solution for you.