Michael J

I gained about 40 pounds over the last 5-6 years. Numerous diets and “lifestyle changes” to eat healthy and exercise produced limited, very slow results. I had no patience to wait years to get to my goal, so these attempts didn’t last long. I then decided to sign up for Tucson Medical Weight Loss’s RM3 program. The claims almost seemed too good to be true, but boy did they deliver. After 1 week, I was down 12 pounds! I didn’t have to find time in my hectic schedule to go exercise; I didn’t have to buy any “special meals”; I was more alert and awake than I had felt for a long; basically I felt great!

After 6 weeks I was at my goal, 35 pounds gone! Then I went on the maintenance phase for 4 weeks, and despite a vacation in the middle, I went down another 5 pounds. The speed of weight loss was very motivating and the staff was very supportive and encouraging. I never once felt like giving up. I never thought weight loss could be such a good experience. I’d highly recommend Tucson Medical Weight Loss and RM3 to anyone looking to lose weight; it really works! Don’t waste another day and set up a consult today.