Jane L

Total Weight Loss: 88 lbs.

I started getting heavy as a teenager and in 2009, reached an all time high of 230 lbs. Over the past three decades, I spent thousands of dollars trying countless weight loss programs, buying special foods and workout equipment, gym memberships, and working with various personal trainers. I had minimal success at best and felt destined to always be overweight.
About a year after hearing about a co-worker’s experience and success with Tucson Medical Weight Loss, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Bentz and decided the RM3 program was what I needed to help me reach my goal and make the lifestyle changes necessary for lifelong success.
I have had amazing results! The team at Tucson Medical Weight Loss has provided the resources and support I needed to exceed my weight loss goal! I have lost nearly 90 lbs. since my all time high and went from a size 18/20 down to an 8!
The RM3 program was a breeze. I didn’t feel hungry, and I lost an average of 10 lbs. per month. After I reached my goal in October, I went on the Maintenance Phase and have had no problem keeping the weight off, even during the “dreaded” weight-gain seasons from Halloween through the New Year’s Holiday!
People who haven’t seen me in awhile are amazed and think I look awesome. I look younger and feel healthy. I feel better about myself than I ever remember. The key to success was following the plan as recommended by Tucson Medical Weight Loss.
Weight loss benefits: more energy, my feet and joints feel great, cholesterol dropped to 142, and I needed some new clothes. I plan to participate in a sprint-triathlon in March of this year (2016) and I have inspired, motivated and encouraged others on their own weight loss journey. Thank you Tucson Medical Weight Loss for helping me achieve amazing results, for motivating me, and for giving me the knowledge I need for lifelong success.

*Individual results may vary. Seek medical advice before starting any weight loss program. Contact Tucson Medical Weight Loss to make sure this is the right solution for you.