A body composition is performed which demonstrates how many calories your body burns at rest. We can then determine the best daily caloric intake in order to effect proper weight loss.
These are the three main components of food that is required in relatively large amounts which includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
No, the RM Lifestyle meal plan is based on counting servings instead of actual calories. However, if you’d like to count calories, you may do so with our phone app food tracker located by downloading our app in the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices.
The RM Lifestyle program does have alcohol options but you will need to count this as part of your daily intake. We recommend limiting alcohol intake to no more than three drinks per week.
The RM Lifestyle meal plan comes complete with vegetarian and vegan options.
Absolutely, it is highly encouraged!
No, we only offer prescription appetite suppressants which are more effective and they are safer as you can only be prescribed by a medical provider. The products you can purchase over the counter are not medical grade and you could potentially put yourself at risk, as you should always consult with a medical provider before taking weight loss products or supplements.
There is a possibility of experiencing some minor side effects at the start of the program; however, most of the symptoms are temporary and will subside. They include: dry mouth, constipation, mild excitation and/or difficulty sleeping. Our medical providers carefully evaluate each patient to determine the best approach and medication to help them achieve a healthy weight. We recommend you discuss the best option for you at your visit with one of our medical providers.