At 29 years old, I struggled with weight issues for the majority of my life. I tried various different diets, weight loss programs, and work out programs that didn’t work. My mom suggested another weight loss program that had been successful for her friend and her friends’ daughter. I said well, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens! Going to Tucson Medical Weight Loss has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I lost over 40 lbs. on the RM3 program and have continued to lose on maintenance for a total of 50 lbs., and still dropping! I feel amazing, and I finally have confidence and security in myself that I didn’t realize I was missing. I never get tired of hearing people tell me how good I look! Not to mention, I have the freedom to be active. I can go hiking and not worry about back or knee pain! I would, and have recommend Tucson Medical Weight Loss to ANYONE who asks how I lost all the weight. The first few days were the hardest getting used to eating healthier foods. However, one of the greatest things about this program for me is I actually stopped craving my go-to foods that I would eat on a regular basis, like starches and sugars. And by the time I started the maintenance part of RM3, a healthy diet was part of my routine! I don’t feel deprived or starved and I just can’t explain how amazing I feel! I love finally feeling confident and happy with myself! Thank you Tucson Medical Weight Loss for helping me get my life back!

-Amanda P.

Total Weight Loss: 40 lbs.

*Individual results may vary. Seek medical advice before starting any weight loss program. Contact Tucson Medical Weight Loss to make sure this is the right solution for you.