The Summer Blues

Trying to stay motivated to do anything in the Arizona heat is hard enough, much less trying to workout! We spend the back half of the year, during cooler months, preparing for bathing suite season and then once it comes, it can become hard to stay motivated to work out.

The summer months can drain every ounce of energy out of our bodies and getting to the gym can start to feel like a chore and less like a privilege. When it is 100+ degrees outside, our bodies actually slow down a bit to try and conserve energy so that we don’t overheat. This is why we can tend to feel lethargic and lazy and sometimes even depressed, bringing on what we like to call “the summer blues.”

Here are some tips for beating the summer blues and keeping your energy levels up so that you stay motivated to work out and maintain your optimal health.

  • Stay hydrated with water! In hot weather, our bodies are prone to dehydration, which can affect our metabolisms. Between sweating, breathing and waste elimination, our bodies can eliminate more than ten cups of water on any given day and that’s without exercise! It is critical that we replace the fluids we lose in the summer months by drinking lots of water so that our systems do not literally dry out on us! If you are not a big fan of water, try adding lemon slices or any other type of citrus fruit. Slices of cucumber can also give water an extremely refreshing and cool taste. We should be aiming for 8 to 12 glasses of water a day in addition to consuming 6 to 8 ounces of water every 20 minutes when exercising, followed by (2) eight-ounce glasses afterwards to restore fluids.
  • Watch your intake of fluids that can dehydrate you! Caffeinated soda and tea, coffee and alcohol all have a diuretic effect that can cause fluid loss. If you are going to drink any of these substances, follow them up with an extra water chaser to stay balanced, this is especially important when we are facing the summer heat.
  • Many people lose their appetites in the summer months, which can seem like a good thing however; it is critical that we nourish our bodies even though we may not be “hungry.” Try eating small frequent healthy and nourishing meals throughout the day so that you keep your metabolism running strong and don’t starve your body of the necessary nutrients it needs to keep energy levels up.
  • Don’t exercise during the hottest part of the day. This is especially important for those who still brave the heat and chose to exercise outside during the summer months. Early mornings or evenings are the best bet for getting in your exercise time and can also ensure that your body does not overheat.

Remember, we are mostly made of water and on average it comprises 60 percent of the human body. Water is the number one energy source for our bodies during the summer months as it aids in the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat and it helps eliminate any waste that our bodies do not need. If you want to be sure that you beat this year’s summer blues, be sure to drink lots of water to keep those energy levels up. If you feel better, you will more than likely make the right choice and not skip out on your daily exercise. However, if you don’t drink water, you are susceptible to dehydration, which can slow your system down and cause a multitude of symptoms like headaches, dry skin, etc.

So be sure to fill those glasses with water this summer and follow our other tips if you want to beat the summer blues because maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be year round and not just seasonal.

*Individual results may vary. Seek medical advice before starting any weight loss program. Contact Red Mountain Weight Loss to make sure this is the right solution for you.